HRV and Attention

Our research shows that the real-time biofeedback of heart rate variability (HRV) measures can track and help improve attention levels. We have developed and tested a software solution that runs on an iPhone and communicates wirelessly in real-time with ‘Bluetooth smart’ heart rate monitors such as the Mio Alpha 2 and Mio Fuse watches.

The main motivation for the research study was to provide a solution for children who find it difficult to concentrate by providing a way to train and improve their own attention levels. This is of significance as one of the key factors affecting creativity (as well as learning in general) is attention. A solution that can help improve ‘relaxed concentration’ levels for children could have a significant impact on their ability to learn and enhance their creativity.

This research work was funded by Innovate UK. You can see more details in our blog post. We plan to publish more details on the research findings in the coming months.

HRV Monitor Data