Training and Consultancy

We can work with you and your team to help you:

    • Understand the factors and processes to be more creative at an individual, team and organisational level (as well as the barriers to creativity)
    • Identify key areas that need focus in your organization to generate new ideas, new solutions and new ways of working
    • Implement a strategy that cultivates creativity in your organization and puts into action a plan to address the key areas identified
    • Monitor progress of your strategy and provide continued support to help meet your objectives and key performance indicators.

If you are interested to find out more please get in touch and we can discuss the best way forward.

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Introductory Workshop

One way to get started is for you and your team to try our one-day introductory workshop. This can also be customised to particular problems or challenges that you currently face.

UKCES Workshop

UKCES Workshop 2

Topics covered include:

  • The need for generating new ideas, new solutions and new ways of working
  • Common barriers to creativity including lack of time, finance, skills, permission, fear of failure and motivation
  • Key factors and processes to be creative individually and collectively
  • Approaches to cultivating creativity in your organisation, covering key elements such as empathy, collaboration and reflection
  • Case studies and examples of how successful organisations have fostered and nurtured creativity
  • Practical tools and exercises to help maximise creativity in your organisation.


Feedback from some of the participants at the creativity workshops we ran, as part of the Construction Futures Wales programme:

  • “I found the Creativity and Innovation workshops the most enjoyable part of the programme so far.”
  • “I am trying to incorporate creativity and innovation into my business culture and changes are currently being made to create a better working environment so that a more creative culture is encouraged”.
  • “I am learning so much from the programme but I found the innovation and creativity workshop presented by Gareth and Andy to be the most engaging and enjoyable so far. They engaged me throughout the day and their variety of little activities and ways to get us thinking really appealed to me. It gave me the confidence to try and promote innovation in the work place more with the Managing Director and the most valuable thing I took away was to find the time to put aside and think which has allowed me to be more open minded and creative when it comes to solving things in my day to day work load.”
  • “I learnt that listening to people is key as well as taking a back seat looking at all the ideas and thoughts rather than jumping straight in with the first idea. It is important to involve everyone in the creativity and innovation process.”