Conference Poster on Play, Prototyping and Creativity

DESIRE_PosterWe recently presented our conference poster entitled ‘The Relationship Between Play, Prototyping and Creativity’ at DESIRE ’11,┬áthe Second International Conference on Creativity and Innovation in Design, held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on 19-21 October 2011.

Prototyping has been used extensively in new product development to help designers try out and test new ideas. However due to commercial time pressures the role of prototyping is often limited. This study builds on existing research into the benefits and limitations of prototyping and starts to explore whether play supports creativity and divergent thinking to help improve the design and development of new products. The paper concludes by proposing key issues for further testing on whether play supports divergent thinking and creative problem solving; whether the type of play is a factor; and whether the play needs to be directly related to the task at hand.

Play, prototyping, creativity, divergent thinking, product design process.