Congratulations to Gina Deininger for completing her PhD in Creativity

Gina Deininger recently completed her PhD in Creativity at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The title of the thesis is: Does State of Being and Dynamic Movement have a relationship with Creativity?. Follow the link to get access to the full thesis. Below is the summary of the thesis.

“Creativity research is a fast growing area of research. In our modern society there is recognition that creativity is becoming more and more important (Adobe Survey, 2012). David Bohm and David Peat applied a universal approach to explaining creativity. Peat and Bohm explain the movement that occurs in the creative process by way of intrinsic and generative orders. They also highlight the importance of ‘state of being’ and an interaction both externally and internally of a person in the creative process. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who is a well-respected modern researcher of creativity, also includes aspects of state of being in his flow concept, as well as pointing out the importance of interaction and feedback from an external world. This doctoral research series is based on three main factors – my 15-year self-study as a practising artist, an analysis of contemporary creativity and mind theories and empirically testing the key propositions that arise from these analyses in eight seperate studies. The research explores whether there is a relationship between ‘state of being’, ‘dynamic movement’ and creativity. The contribution to knowledge are clear definitions of ‘state of being’ and ‘dynamic movement’ and a practical application of these terms in the context of creativity. The methodology used to empirically explore the relationship of these propositions could also be regarded as a contribution to knowledge as it extends the triangulation metholology to include ‘dynamic movement’. The results from the eight studies start to show a relationship between ‘state of being’, ‘dynamic movement’ and creativity.”