Creativity workshop for UKCES Project on Skills for Innovation in Manufacturing

Gareth Loudon recently ran a 2-day creativity workshop for Prism Medical UK, Equipment Building Services Ltd, RTLS, and ABM University Health Board’s Rehabilitation Engineering Unit at Cardiff Met’s International Centre for Design and Research (PDR) that was organised by Dr. Peter Dorrington. The 2-day workshop was part of a project funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) testing new ways to develop skills for innovation in manufacturing.


UKCES Workshop


Topics covered:

  • Understanding key factors and processes that affect creativity at an individual, team and organisation level.
  • Learning about important creativity processes and techniques.
  • Applying the key creativity principles and techniques to the challenges facing the companies involved in the workshop, including the capturing of stories from the field and the challenges faced; the generation of new and improved product and service ideas; the synthesis and evaluation of the new concepts generated; and planning for the next steps of the project.